Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

  • 1.1. These Terms and Conditions govern Registration with, and Participation in the Consumer Electronic Lucky Dip (“CeLD”) as a CCP. An account will be created in your name if we accept your Application for Registration, and all aspects of your transactions with us.
  • 1.2. Application Channels to participate in the CeLD are as follows:
    1. Website (www.cashtoken.ng )
    2. CeLD Mobile Application
    3. USSD Codes
    4. CeLD live pins
  • 1.3. It is a requirement of submitting an Application for Registration, and eligibility for participation in the Consumer Electronic Lucky Dip that you read and agree to, these Terms and Conditions.
  • 1.4 If you were gifted CashTokens you are advised to read, understand and accept all of these Terms and Conditions as you will be bound by all of them.
  • 1.5. By submitting the application form, you are acknowledging that you have read, understood and accept, and that you will be bound by all of these Terms and Conditions if we accept your Registration.
  • 1.6. We strongly advise that you seek expert legal advice in the jurisdiction in which you are located should you require assistance with, or explanation of, any of these Terms and Conditions.
  • 1.7. When you sign up to the CeLD service, you are making an offer to us to enter into an agreement with you on these Terms and Conditions.
  • 1.8. For the avoidance of doubt, please note that registration with CeLD will occur after acceptance of your registration by CeLD. If and when we accept your application, you are deemed to receive notification of that acceptance in Nigeria and an agreement between you and us is formed in Nigeria based on these Terms and Conditions and governed by the laws, and subject to the jurisdiction, of the courts of Nigeria.

2. Participants

  • There following are levels of Participation in the CeLD
  • 2.1. Consumer Celebration Partners (CCP)
    1. The CeLD CashToken shall be purchased ONLY by the CCP at the price of N30 and a Direct Charge of 6.67% shall be deducted by CeLD from the CashToken as a reward management fee.
    2. 6.67% shall be credited to the SME Fund
    3. 20% shall be credited as guaranteed cash for insurance in the UICI Fund for the benefit of the Consumer.
    4. The CeLD CashToken shall be issued by a CCP to a Consumer at the value of ₦17 (CashToken Value)
  • 2.2. Consumer
    1. CashToken is to be obtained FREELY by the Consumers from the CCP or persons under Clause 2.4, having made purchases of goods and services of an amount fixed by the CCP.
    2. CeLD shall not directly sell CashTokens to Consumers.
  • 2.3 Strategic Sales Partner (SSP)
  • 2.3.1. For facilitating the sign-up of a CCP or the purchase of CashTokens on the CGRS; the SSP shall be entitled to 5% (five per cent) of the win of any Consumer who purchased CashTokens from a CCP introduced by the SSP, provided that the 5% (five per cent) shall be shared between the CCP and any other Participant who qualifies according to the table below:
  • For gifting of CashTokens under CDO (via POS machines) SSP Commission (3.0%) SSP Win Share (5%)
    Payment Processor 2.00% 3.50%
    Transaction Acquirers (banks) & PTSP 1.00% 1.50%
    CashToken SSP
    For all gifting of CashTokens under the CDO
    Payment Processor 1.00% 2.00%
    Transaction Acquirers (banks) & PTSP
    CashToken SSP 2.00% 3.00%
    For all gifting of CashTokens under the CDO (Online)
    Payment Processor 1.00% 2.00%
    Transaction Acquirers (banks) & PTSP
    CashToken SSP 2.00% 3.00%
  • 2.4. CashToken Gift Reward Store (CGRS)
  • Persons may purchase CashTokens directly to gift to their friends, family and any other persons they wish. Those who purchase the CashToken in the CGRS do not benefit from the CashToken unless the CashToken wins in the Draw, subject to 5.1.

3 Application of The CashToken Value

  • The value of each CashToken shall be applied as follows:
  • 3.1. 50% shall be applied to the Prize Fund;
  • 3.2. 50% shall be applied to the statutory payment to the National Lottery Trust Fund, commission for CeLD’s Strategic Sales Partners (SSPs) and other administrative costs incurred by the management of CeLD;

4. Draws

  • 4.1. Only gifted CashTokens will be drawn. For the avoidance of doubt, CashTokens still residing with the CCP will not be drawn until they are given out to Customers.
  • 4.2. There shall be a weekly Cut-Off Time every Friday in anticipation of the Draw. Any CashToken gifted after the Cut-Off Time shall be entered into the following Draw.
  • 4.3. There shall be a random Draw of all gifted CashTokens by 9:00pm every Friday.
  • 4.4. Draws will be made against the different prize levels as determined by CeLD.
  • The different prize levels are:
    1. ₦100,000,000
    2. ₦50,000,000
    3. ₦40,000,000
    4. ₦30,000,000
    5. ₦20,000,000
    6. ₦10,000,000
    7. ₦5,000,000
    8. ₦3,000,000
    9. ₦2,000,000
    10. ₦1,000,000
    11. ₦500,000
    12. ₦200,000
    13. ₦100,000
    14. ₦20,000
    15. ₦5,000

5 Prize Payments & Account Withdrawal

  • 5.1 Any cash won by a Consumer shall be shared as follows:
    1. Consumer       80%
    2. Consumer Celebration Partners       10%
    3. CeLD Bond4Life Partners       5%
    4. Strategic Sales Partners       5%
  • 5.2. All Prize winners must complete full registration with CeLD prior to claiming a Win, through whatever means CeLD may communicate on its website or through the CCP from time to time.
  • 5.3. CeLD Prizes may be cash, guaranteed insurance or any other value as may be communicated by the management of CeLD.
  • 5.4. All payments are subject to statutory deductions as may have been imposed or be imposed in future by any legislation.
  • 5.5. CeLD will only make Win payments and withdrawals directly to a Partner Bank Account. Provided that where a Participant already has a bank account with the Partner Bank and wishes to claim the Win using that account this shall be done by dialling a verification code provided by CeLD using his User ID.
  • 5.6. CeLD Wins shall not be paid into third-party or proxy accounts.
  • 5.7. Where CashTokens are purchased from the CGRS via a Third-Party Channel, the Third-Party Channel automatically becomes an SSP with respect to those CashTokens, notwithstanding the fact that the CGRS Participant was referred by another individual.
  • 5.8. Where there is a dispute as to who will be entitled to a win CeLD shall verify to its satisfaction, the person who participated in the CeLD and shall ensure such a person gets the Win. For the avoidance of doubt, CeLD shall neither make payment to; nor facilitate the creation of a Partner Bank Account in favour of a person who did not participate in the CeLD merely because he/she is the owner of a User ID.
  • 5.9. Except where otherwise specified, we reserve the right to pass on to a Participant any fees, costs, charges, taxes, imposts, levies or duties we incur in transferring any cash prize won to such Participant. The Participant is responsible for all exchange rate fluctuations and we are not liable for any loss or costs you may incur as a result thereof.
  • 5.10. CeLD shall transfer to the Participant any cost incurred in verifying his identity where a dispute arises as a result of the Participant’s failure to enter a User ID that belongs to him/her.
  • 5.11. Payments shall be made by the following methods:
  • Bank Transfer: We will transfer funds to the relevant Partner Bank Accounts in the names of draw winners. The Participant will be responsible for any charges applicable to the transfer of such funds. We reserve the right to place a stop payment of any funds into a Partner Bank Account if we consider that payment of such cheque illegal or constituting an offence.
  • We also reserve the right to mandate that the Partner Bank, in respect of Partner Bank Accounts, issue CashToken branded debit cards of any card issuing company we so choose.
  • 5.12. We will not be liable for any delayed or lost mail nor will we be liable if a Participant does not receive cash prizes won as a result of any incorrect information provided by such Participant to us.
  • 5.13. We further reserve the right to withhold payments of any nature and to avoid all winnings of a Consumer if the Consumer’s Registration details are false or misleading or if Consumer is unable to verify their identity by meeting our identification verification requirements to our full satisfaction.
  • 5.14. All transfers of payment are subject to Central Bank of Nigeria’s guidelines and regulations.
  • 5.15. Any Participant who wins shall consent to and be available for the official presentation of their Wins by CeLD.
  • 5.16. Any Participant who wins hereby agrees to the use of any pictures, video or other media obtained under Clause 5.15, on any media channels selected by CeLD subject to prior notice to the Participant.
  • 5.17. Where a Participant wishes to decline the publication of his/her details on any media channels pursuant to Clause 5.16, in connection to their Win; he/she shall be allowed to do so, provided he/she shall forfeit 50% of his/her Win.

6. Condition for Win

  • A Participant will be deemed to be entitled to a Win only after a successful draw of their CashToken. This is notwithstanding any other provision contained in these Terms and Conditions.

7. User Profile Edit

  • The Participant must provide documented and verifiable proof of ownership to CeLD for an update to be done on his/her profile.

8. Unclaimed Wins

  • 8.1. Upon the expiration of a period of not less than 180 days following any Draw, CeLD shall retain any Unclaimed Wins remaining as part of the Prize Fund and such monies as remains unclaimed shall be used to pay future prizes or retained in the Prize Fund. Provided that all Unclaimed Wins within a Draw shall only be applicable to Participants within that Draw entry period.
  • 8.2. CeLD management may at its discretion meet the legitimate claims of winners in respect of prizes previously unclaimed for a period longer than 180 days from the Prize Fund. Where CeLD expend money in locating winners for the purpose of claiming his/her Wins, CeLD may if it deems fit deduct from the Prize Fund, the legitimate expenses incurred in finding and paying such winners.
  • 8.3. Subject to Clause 5.5, where a winner pre-deceases the claiming of his/her Win, the Win shall be paid to the personal representative of the deceased winner on presentation of Letters of Administration or Probate issued by the High Court. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall make CeLD liable to the Estate of a deceased winner for such Win already paid to the deceased’s account with the Partner Bank.

9. Eligibility to SME Fund

  • To be eligible for award of the CeLD SME Fund, a CCP must be registered on the CeLD platform. The CCP must have purchased and gifted CashTokens to its Consumers worth a value to be determined by the management of CeLD from time to time. The prospective beneficiaries must also fulfil other criteria as set by the management of CeLD.

10. Eligibility to UICI Fund

  • 10.1. Consumers must have received one or more CashTokens to accumulate guaranteed cash for insurance for use in acquisition of insurance.
  • 10.2. Consumer must register on the UICI platform to qualify for the Insurance Scheme.
  • 10.3 The Participants hereby authorises the Partner Bank to share the Participant’s information with CeLD for the purpose of managing the CashToken accounts.
  • 10.4 The Participants hereby authorises the Partner Bank to share the Participant’s information with UICI for the purpose of managing and creating Insurance accounts in favour of the Participants with UICI.

11. Taxes

  • Each winner is responsible for paying any and all taxes on any Wins, as may be required and such taxes may be deductible at source before Prize pay-out where applicable.

12. Disqualification

  • CeLD reserves the right to disqualify any entry that does not/appears not to follow the communicated terms and conditions at its absolute discretion.
  • An entry submitted with falsified information or documents is automatically disqualified.

13. Disclaimer

  • 13.1. The laws applicable in your location or place of residence, domicile or nationality may prohibit you from making purchases from us or participating in CeLD. Some jurisdictions have laws, which entirely prohibit you from making purchases from us, other jurisdictions have laws, which prescribe minimum age requirements for making purchases from us or participation in CeLD, and other jurisdictions have laws, which operate in other ways to prohibit or restrict you from making Purchases from us or participating in CeLD.
  • 13.2. In furtherance of 13.1 above, we do neither wish to violate any such law nor to allow you to make an application for registration or to make purchases from us where doing so would violate any such law. If you are located in or are a resident, domiciliary or national of any jurisdiction where you are subject to any such law, you must not make an application for registration or purchase from us. You must make your own enquiries, and satisfy yourself, before you make an application for registration or make any purchase, that your so doing will not violate any such law
  • 13.4. When you make an application for registration and each time you offer to make a purchase from us or participate in any of our Draws, you warrant that you are legally entitled to apply for registration, to deposit funds with us, to make Purchases and to receive winnings from us, and that your Registration as a Participant, deposit of funds, purchases and receipt of winnings from us will not in any way violate any applicable laws of your location or place of residence, domicile or nationality.
  • 13.5. We rely upon your warranty when we accept your application for registration, open your account, accept your deposit of funds, accept your offer to make Purchases, and pay you any winnings and you indemnify us from any loss arising from your warranty being incorrect.
  • 13.6. When you make an application for registration you provide us with certain information. It is your on-going responsibility to inform us of any changes in the information you have given us. We rely on this information being true and correct and not misleading. If we believe on any reasonable grounds that the information is untrue, incorrect or misleading in any way, we may, in our sole and absolute discretion, cancel your Registration or cancel and dishonour any Purchases by you or offers to make Purchases from you, and we may retain (or recover from you) the value of those CashTokens and any winnings paid to you and we may suspend and/or exclude you from any further Purchases.
  • 13.7. By making an application for registration, you authorise us to make such enquiries as we consider necessary in our sole and absolute discretion to verify the personal information provided by you. Please refer to our privacy policy or additional details about the use of your personal information.
  • 13.8. CeLD gives no warranty whatsoever that the CeLD site will be available for use by subscribers permanently or for any minimum period of time.
  • 13.9. We shall not hesitate to handover any persons to law enforcement authorities who perpetuate any crime in relation to the CeLD platform or products.
  • 13.10. Any non-enforcement by CeLD Innovations Limited of any of its rights either under any agreement with you or these Terms and Conditions will not constitute a waiver of those rights. Any waiver by you of any of your rights under this agreement and these Terms and Conditions will not constitute a waiver of those rights.

14. Agreement Changes

  • 14.1. These Terms and Conditions may be varied at any time in the following manner:
    • 14.1.1. We will give you prior notice setting out the variation and the date on which it will take effect;
    • 14.1.2. The notice will be posted by us on the CeLD website and in addition will be communicated to you by email.
  • 14.2. You will be deemed to have received the notice at the time that it is posted on the CeLD website or upon its transmission to you by email (whichever happens first).
  • 14.3. Your continued use of the CeLD site from the date set out in the notice will indicate your agreement to these variations. If you do not agree with the variations, you should not use the CeLD site any further.
  • 14.4. We further reserve the right, at any time and without notice, to amend the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and other procedures and explanatory information displayed on, contained in, or accessible from the CeLD site.

15. Security

  • 15.1. When you make application for registration, you will be required to nominate an account password.
  • 15.2. You must enter your correct User ID and password in order to access your CeLD account.
  • 15.3. It is your responsibility to ensure that no other person accesses the CeLD site or makes purchases using your registration details. You must not disclose your password to anyone. You will be responsible for any use of your account by any other person and we expressly disclaim liability in this regard.
  • 15.4. The Participants undertake to indemnify CeLD for any loss incurred on account of the disclosure of registration details to third-parties.

16. Registration

  • 16.1 Upon Registration, your access details to the CeLD portal shall be communicated to you via email and/or registration link. You will be required to register with a Phone Number which will be your User ID, please ensure that you are registered with your Mobile Network Operator as the owner of the User ID.
  • 16.2 Each user is entitled to register once through any of the following channels:
    1. Website (www.cashtoken.ng )
    2. Mobile app
    3. USSD codes
    4. CeLD live pins

17. Identification

  • 17.1. To claim a win, the winner must have fulfilled the requirement of the KYC (Know Your Costumer), which shall be determined by CeLD.
  • 17.2. If a winner does not verify his/her identity within 90 days of being requested to do so by CeLD, CeLD will not transfer to the winner any Wins until such time that the winner can prove his/her identity to its satisfaction.

18. CeLD CashToken Gifting

  • 18.1. The CCP or person gifting through the CGRS shall not be able to determine the CashToken value to transfer. The CeLD system shall randomly determine this.
  • 18.2. Following the transfer of CashTokens to a Consumer, the portal shall send out an SMS notification to the Consumer, specifying the number of CashTokens received, and the potential win value of each CashToken. If the number of CashTokens received is more than 160 characters, then, the SMS shall contain the highest value CashTokens. The Consumer shall be advised to view the full gift report on the Consumer’s portal page.

19. CeLD SME Fund

  • 6.7% (six point seven per cent) of the cost of the CashToken shall be allocated to the SME fund to be accessible as interest free loan to eligible entrepreneurs. Eligibility shall be predicated on purchasing a minimum number of CashTokens as specified by CeLD.

20. Suspension & Termination

  • 20.1. We may suspend or close your CeLD Account at any time upon notice to you.
  • 20.2. The suspension or closure of any CeLD Account does not affect any funds already accruing to the Participant operating the account.

21. Indemnity

  • You agree to indemnify and hold CeLD, and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, co-branders or other partners, and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third-party due to or arising out of any matter you submit, post, transmit or make available through the CeLD Service, your use of the CeLD Service, your connection to the Service, your violation of these Terms and Conditions, or your violation of any rights of another.

22. Limitation of Liability

  • 22.1 You expressly understand and agree that CeLD shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses (even if CeLD has been advised of the possibility of such damages) resulting from:
    • 2.2.1. The use or the inability to use the CeLD service;
    • 2.2.2. The cost of procurement of substitute goods and services resulting from any goods, data, information or services purchased or obtained or messages received or transactions entered into through or from the service;
    • 2.2.3. Unauthorized access to or alteration of your transmissions or data;
    • 2.2.4. Statements or conduct of any third-party on the service; or
    • 2.2.5. Any other matter relating to the service.
  • 22.2. Any legal proceedings against CeLD in respect of the Wins must be instituted within 3 months from the date of the draw failing which any claim from such proceedings is agreed by the parties to have been extinguished.

23. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

  • These Terms and Conditions shall be governed, interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, without regard to principles of conflicts of law. If any dispute or claim arises out of or in relation to this Agreement and if such matter cannot be settled through direct discussions between us and you, you hereby expressly consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the High Court

24. Definitions

  • In these Terms and Conditions, the following terms as used in these Terms and Conditions shall have the meaning ascribed to them hereunder:
    • “Application Channels” means any of the channels listed under clause 1.2 of these Terms and Conditions;
    • “CashTokens” means an electronic voucher given as a gift to a consumer by CCP, which qualify the Participants for CeLD winnings at draws and guaranteed cash for insurance.
    • “CashToken Gift and Reward Store or CGRS” means a platform created by CeLD where persons may purchase CashTokens directly, to gift to their friends, family and any other persons.
    • “CeLD” means Consumer Electronic Lucky Dip;
    • “Bond4Life Partner” means a Consumer Celebration Partner or person who is the first to gift a Consumer with a CashToken and is automatically entitled to 5% of any subsequent Wins of that Consumer under the CeLD; subject to any conditions provided by CeLD
    • “Consumer” means any person who was gifted a minimum of a CashToken in accordance with these terms and conditions;
    • “Consumer Celebration Partner (CCPs)” means any entity, business or corporation involved in wholesale trade, and has official dealing with CeLD in accordance with these Terms and Conditions;
    • “Cut Off Time” means 8:45 pm West African Time on each day of a draw;
    • “Draw” means the approved selection process by which the winner(s) are determined on a random basis across the prize levels;
    • “Estate” means the collective assets and properties of a deceased Participant
    • “High Court” means the High Court of a State/ the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria; a court of coordinate/similar jurisdiction in any other territory.
    • “Insurance Scheme” means the provision of financial protection for the benefit of a Consumer over health, life and properties, against specified contingencies, such as illness death, loss and/or damage respectively;
    • “Legal Age” means the age at which a person enters into full adult legal rights and responsibilities. The legal age is 18.
    • “Media Channels” includes but is not limited to: posters, newspapers, billboards, social media, websites
    • “Participant” means Consumer Celebration Partners, Consumers, Strategic Sales Partner and persons who gift CashTokens under the CashToken Gift and Reward Store.
    • “Partner Bank” means any bank designated as such by CeLD;
    • “Partner Bank Account” means a bank account created by a winning Participant with a Partner Bank for the purpose of claiming wins under the CeLD platform.
    • “Payment Processor” means the payment gateway that acts as an interface between a person paying money in a transaction and the person receiving money.
    • “Payment Terminal Service Processor (PTSP)” means organizations or firms that are licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to provide point-of-sale terminal services to merchants and retailers in Nigeria.
    • “Point-of-Sale (POS) Machine” means a device issued to business owners by banks to enable them receive payments from their Consumers via their ATM Card.
    • “Prize Fund” means the fund established by CeLD into which shall be paid a minimum return of Fifty (50%) Percent of the Proceeds of the CeLD and from which Wins will be disbursed;
    • “Services” means CeLD, Insurance Scheme, UICI and other appending innovations and schemes offered by the promoters;
    • “SME” means Small and Medium Enterprises which employ fewer than 300 employees
    • “SME Fund” means the fund created for the benefit of eligible CCP (as prescribed under clause 9 of these General Terms and Conditions) pursuant to clause 2.1(ii) of these General Terms and Conditions.
    • “SMS” means Short Message Services provided by a telecommunications operator.
    • “Strategic Sales Partners (SSPs)” Any person, entity, business or corporation engaged by CeLD to conduct the promotion and marketing of the CeLD, facilitate the sign-up of CCPs, facilitate the purchase of CashTokens on the CGRS and is registered with CeLD as such.
    • “Strategic Sales Partner ID” A unique code issued to an SSP upon registration with CeLD
    • “Terms and Conditions” means the general terms and conditions as contained herein.
    • “Third-Party Channel/ 3rd Party Channel” means any CeLD-approved channel for the purchase of CashTokens other than the CeLD website.
    • “Transaction Acquirer” means the bank into which the funds from a transaction (whether online or not) within this Agreement is transferred.
    • “UICI” means UIC Innovations Limited
    • “UICI Fund” means the insurance fund to which guaranteed cash for insurance are credited for the purpose of providing an Insurance Scheme for the benefit of the Consumer.
    • “Unclaimed Win” means a Win or portion of the Win payable in respect of a winning CashToken in CeLD which has not been claimed by the Participant within the period specified in this terms and Conditions.
    • “User ID” means a unique identifier (Nigerian Phone Number duly registered with a Mobile Nigerian Number) for each Participant on the CeLD Platform.
    • “Valid ID”: An acceptable Nigerian Government issued identity card. This includes Driver’s License, National Identity card and/or a valid International Passport.
    • “Win” means the monetary amount to which any Participant is entitled, less applicable deductions and taxes in accordance with this General Terms and Condition
  • 24.2. The terms “we” as used in this Terms and Conditions refers to CeLD Innovations Limited.

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