How It works for Businesses :
Information for Service Providers/Merchants.

  1. Sign Up - Create your account as CeLD Customer Celebration Partner on the CeLD platform.
  2. Set your celebration threshold - The customer Celebration threshold is the minimum purchase amount expected from Consumer to trigger a Cash Token reward e.g. 1 Token on every =N=500.00 spent.
  3. Display the cash token sign - Display the cash token sign and communicate that your business celebrates consumers and changes their lives every day.
  4. Reward your customers, when they buy from your store - Be as generous with cash token gifting as much as your business can.
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How it works for Strategic Sales Partners (SSP)

  1. Create an account on the CeLD Platform.
    Activate your SSP role.
  2. Get and share your SSP ID with prospective merchants
    or service providers.
  3. Inform the CeLD sales department
    of your prospects for documentation.
  4. Sign up a merchant or service provider.

  5. Receive commission each time your merchant or
    service provider buys cash tokens
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How it Works for Customers:
Information for Customers

  1. Merchants gift the Consumer Electronic Lucky Dip Tokens to consumers who patronize their businesses.
  2. Merchants decide how many cash tokens to give per amount spent in shop(Celebration Threshold)
  3. Each Gifted CeLD Token Qualifies you, the customer for up to N100m win and cash usable only for insurance (Partnership with UIC Innovations Limited).
  4. Patronise businesses that offer Cash Tokens as reward.
    It will change your life! 
  5. If the business isn’t yet offering cash tokens,
    refer them to
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