The Most Consequential Gift & Reward Platform in the World

The Company: CeLD Innovations Limited is Africa’s 1st Cash Reward as-a-Service Company.


The Research: CeLD Commissioned a Patronage Optimization Research to find “The most potent emotional disposition of a consumer, which will best trigger increased, repeat and sustainable patronage of goods and services.

The Result: We found that ‘What the average consumer really wants is an opportunity for Life-Changing Cash reward at every point of patronage’.

The Product: The resultant product is “The World’s Most Consequential Gift & Celebratory Commodity” called The CashToken. The CashToken is an electronic reward and celebratory gift commodity that connects al patronages and gifts in any nation’s economy. It enables every patronage or gift to become a life-changing cash opportunity.

The Cost: One CashToken costs only N35.ook (Thirty-five Naira)

CashToken Reward Profile

Win Profile Customer Businesses Agents (SSG)
Direct Cash win Opportunity N5,000-N100m 5% of customers wins Perpetual 5% of customers wins (see T&C)
Guaranteed Cash for Insurance & Pension 20% of cost of CashToken Nil
CashToken SME Fund (Interest Free) Nil 5% of all CashToken Revenue (Sole Proprietors and SMEs only) 5% of all Cashtoken Revenue (Sole Proprietors and SMEs only)
Freebees & Extras www.cashtokennation.com www.cashtokennation.com www.cashtokennation.com
Commissions Nil Nil 3%
CashToken Bond4Life Nil 5% of all customer’s wins


To establish an enduring culture of life-changing opportunity on every purchase made and create a performance-based system designed to optimize consumer loyalty investment for businesses, celebratory gift value optimization and public emotional equity for government. No single reward scheme of any enterprise can reach the size, potential and excitement of a unified reward platform.

Benefits of the Product

  1. Performance Based System at Zero Entry Cost
  2. Increased Patronage
  3. Connection to Customers most potent emotional disposition (Life-Changing Cash Reward) 4. Exciting and sustainable top of the mind engagements with customers
  4. Optimization of Customer Loyalty Investment
  5. No Requirement of Regulatory Approvals
  6. New Revenue Stream
  7. Marketing Support: TV, Radio and social media